Jersey's natural beauty, diversity and fascinating Island history stretching back to prehistoric neanderthals has created an island for all to enjoy. Whether it's a relaxing beach holiday, walking the north coast cliff paths, cycling through winding rural country lanes or discovering about the Islands German occupation and Jersey's rich heritage there's something for everyone.


We are spoilt by the variety and number of sandy beaches which are all worth visiting, you'd be forgiven for thinking you've arrived in the Mediterranean.

Plemont's a hidden gem, make sure to check the tide times as Jersey has the 3rd largest tidal range in the world (up to 12m movement in height in a 6 hour period) can leave no beach at high tide!

Jersey Heritage

A wide variety of sites are run by Jersey Heritage and worth a visit, from the 800 year old Mont Orgueil Castle, La Houge Bie and its neolithic passage grave carbon dated to be one of the 10 oldest buildings in the world. Jersey Heritage also run multiple museums in the Island. Entrance fee's vary and some sites close for the winter months.

Attractions in Jersey

Jersey Zoo, home to the world famous Durrell Wildlife Conservation Society, Jersey War Tunnels and the history of the German underground hospital, The aMaizin! Adventure park & maze, La Mare Wine Estate's wine tours and Samares Manor Botanical Gardens are all attractions that may interest you whilst on holiday.

Walking & cycling in Jersey

Jersey's wide variety of landscapes, from a network of 15mph country lanes, north coast cliff paths and long sandy beaches of the south provides a great destination to enjoy a walking or cycling holiday. Rental Bikes are available from a couple of providers in St.Helier.

A large collection of Walking & Cycling Route maps are available from Reception.