In house

The Jersey Accommodation and Activity Centre’s large grounds surrounding our site is a perfect area for activities, alongside the free activities that can be collected at reception such as football and other ball games other activities can be organised:

  • Archery

Challenge your target skills with an archery sessions, using a selection of short/long and compound bows.

Minimum 2 participants                                                                                                                                              Price: £7.50pp

  • Disc-Golf

Explore or grounds whilst throwing Frisbee’s around our 9 hole Disc-Golf course. Wind dependant.

Price: £3 pp

  • Barbecues

BBQ’s can be organized on or off site depending on your groups needs and size.

Price: Starting from £13.50pp

  • Junior paintball

SPLAT Paintball is a fantastic activity using low impact, spring loaded paintball guns that is great fun. Our SPLAT Arena is a maze of bases, walls and vehicles. Who doesn’t enjoy shooting each other with paint? Minimum Age: 9

Minimum 10 Participants                                                                                                                                        Price: £13.00pp

  • Bushwalks

Bush craft, the popular term for a wide range if wilderness survival skills gets participants into the wilds of St. Martin. Aspects of Bush craft that can be covered include: Wild Foraging, Navigation, Shelter Building, Fire Making.

Minimum 4 participants                                                                                   Price: £12.50pp

  • Stargazing walks

Take a walk around the St.Martin countryside taking in the nights sky.

  • Sunset Courtesy bus to the west

Take our courtesy bus out to the west of the island taking in the sunset over the horizon of St. Ouens Bay